CurbClean - Mobile Car Wash Now Servicing South Loop

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CurbClean - Mobile Car Wash Now Servicing South Loop


CurbClean is a mobile car cleaning service that comes to you to clean your car, and our service area now includes the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. We use a waterless cleaning method, which allows us to clean cars efficiently and effectively without the need to rinse the car. This allows us to save gallons of water and prevent harmful chemicals from leaking into the environment.

You can simply download our app in the Apple Store or Google Play, schedule your wash, and one of our detailers will come to you to clean your car. As a resident of the South Loop for nearly 10 years, and one who has owned a car in the neighborhood, I thought this might be beneficial to busy families, people not looking to lose their parking spot :), as well as folks who are parked in a garage who simply would like one less 'to-do' item for the weekend. We are also partnering with Alliance for Water Efficiency, Chicago Public Schools, and other organizations geared toward making a better Chicago.

You can visit for more details.