Support for Dog Park addition to Jefferson Playlot Park, Thursday 3/30 7PM @ Ping Tom Park Fieldhouse

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Support for Dog Park addition to Jefferson Playlot Park, Thursday 3/30 7PM @ Ping Tom Park Fieldhouse

Hey there!
I'm a member of the Jefferson Playlot Park Advisory Council (Jefferson and 16th Street) and also a member of the sub-committee that's gethering support for an official off-leash dog park on the east end of Jefferson Playlot Park.

If this is something that you or your business would support, we would love your support at our meeting THIS THURSDAY 3/30 7PM @ Ping Tom Park Fieldhouse where this proposal will be discussed and voted on. We will continue to gather local feedback over the next few weeks until we meet with the Alderman.

A bit about our efforts: We're aiming to section off the east end of the Jefferson Playlot Park as an official off-leash dog park. As you may know, this area of the park tends to become a problem area over the warmer months: homeless camping there, drug deals, drug use, people using the bathroom out in public, trash left behind, etc..etc.. With the large number of dog owners in this neighborhood and surrounding, we're hoping to be able to provide a safe, responsible space for dogs to run around while also improving the condition and cleanliness of the park year-round. Dog parks do reduce crime both in the park and surrounding areas. After speaking to local law enforcement at the most recent Beat meeting we learned this could be in part to burglars avoiding areas where there is more traffic and where they see a community of neighbors that actually speak to each other. Given that dog parks are also a social space for the fur parents, this helps not only to reduce crime but also to create a better sense of community.

We've received an overwhelming amount of support from the local community and surrounding areas. I, personally, live right next to the park and have spent a good amount of time over the past month speaking to every person walking through the park. The vast majority see the importance and value of having such an amenity to the community in the immediate area. We've also received support from local businesses including the Butcher Block adjacent to the proposed space, Itty Bitty Doggy Daycare, Soggy Paws, CrossFit Commitment and a few others. The University Village Neighborhood Alliance is also supporting our efforts.

Thank you!
Jefferson Playlot Park proposed Dog Park