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SLoop Kids Halloween events? by Stateand14th
7 replies,
by joanna
LoftWalk Tickets (price not changed YET) by JaqiG
0 replies,
by JaqiG
Underemployed premiered tonight... by s0nginmyheart
1 reply,
by Tom
Alain's Shut Down by slew28
8 replies,
by GEG22
16th Street between Wabash and Michigan by TS
4 replies,
by Lucky22
Karamela is... by TS
2 replies,
by trok
What was that Big Boom heard on 10/3/12 at10:40pm? by RP
11 replies,
by Lara P
What was filming at 18th and Wabash Area by Chelle
3 replies,
by Jim S.
Best breakfast in the sloop? by TS
23 replies,
by SE
Nail salons - what is the best in the Sloop? by Liz
10 replies,
by Sheila
Chinatown Library by slo_oop
2 replies,
by peter
East Coast Pantry by RP
2 replies,
by K S Sims
Notice of Public Hearing/9th & State by cmc
0 replies,
by cmc
New restaurant near Roosevelt Red Line by Mick
2 replies,
by MarkChicago
Notre Dame playing at Soldier Field Sat - area will be busy. by South Loopr
1 reply,
by sloopy
ET Playing Oct 3 at ICON - One day only by South Loopr
0 replies,
by South Loopr
$65 Million in projects for our hood by solman
2 replies,
by brianbobcat
Villains is closing by Reese
5 replies,
by Drea
Action in empty lot on Roosevelt between Michigan and Indiana by GairInThePark
0 replies,
by GairInThePark
Motor row developments.... by TS
1 reply,
by Chris
New Yard House location disappears from company website by TS
0 replies,
by TS
Volunteer with Mercy Housing South Loop/Englewood by Dominique
0 replies,
by Dominique
Why Do Repairs on the Transportatoin Bldg. at Dearborn & Harrison never seem to end? by Stuart
1 reply,
by Dan
LoftWalk 2012 by Jaqi Green
1 reply,
by Carol Enoch
Whitney Young Fall Carnival by Friends of Whitney Y...
0 replies,
by Friends of Whitney Y...
What Movie is being filmed on the river at 18th? by JeffWagg
2 replies,
by wc7
Park on 16th and Wabash? by slo_oop
2 replies,
by KirstenAD
Sad, I knew this guy and he passed this morning by anon
0 replies,
by anon
Apple Store by cmc
1 reply,
by sloopy
Mariano's Fresh Market by DY
5 replies,
by Juan in South Loop
More Adult Fitness and Children Dance programs at Chicago Women's Park and Gardens Field House by Chicago Women's Park...
0 replies,
by Chicago Women's Park...
Cobra Fitness by Jim in the Sloop
4 replies,
by Jim in the Sloop
Condo Cleaning Services by Anonymous
0 replies,
by Anonymous
Do you ever hear those booms? by Dan
17 replies,
by LP
1212 S. Michigan - Snap Fitness & Renovations by South Loop Biker
1 reply,
by Will
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